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How to Make your Café Pet Friendly

Are you an animal lover who is thinking of transforming your café into one that is pet friendly? While pets are a source of comfort and happiness, knowing there are pet friendly cafés that welcome pets add to the experience. Customers love taking time out to go visit cafes that are pet friendly. It’s a great way for their pets to engage with other animals and can help owners spend some quality time with their pets in a safe and welcoming space. It’s a win-win situation for all, especially for your business as foot traffic is sure to increase.

To learn how you can get started on making your café pet friendly, read some of the steps and tips provided below. They are quick, effective, and sure to make your café the go-to place in town.

How To Make Your Café Pet Friendly

Here are some ways in which you can make your café pet friendly.

  1. Offer Pet Friendly Treats And Snacks on The Menu

You can start by offering pet friendly food items and snacks. Designate a section for this on your menu. Pet owners love spoiling their fur babies. Thus, they are sure to invest in a dog treat while they order a cup of coffee for themselves.

  1. Place Water Bowls

Place water bowls for pets inside and outside your café. Pet owners are sure to appreciate this gesture and become loyal customers going forward. And, it’s always rewarding to have pets come in and drink from the water bowls you have placed around on a hot summer day.

  1. Be Prepared to Clean Up a Mess

When going pet friendly, be prepared to have frequent mishaps inside your café. The key here is to be quick with cleaning up any mess. Invest in hospital grade antiseptic cleaning equipment and brief your staff on how to ensure your café stays clean and bacteria free at all times.

  1. Switch To Pet Friendly Air Fresheners

Another feature you can include in your pet friendly cafe is by switching to pet friendly air fresheners. These air fresheners are eco friendly and quite light on the wallet as well. Traditional air fresheners on the other hand may lead to respiratory issues among certain animals – you definitely don’t want that for your furry guests.

Why Eco Friendly Air Fresheners Are Worth the Investment

Here are some of the reasons why eco friendly air fresheners can offer high returns on investment.

  1. Eco Friendly Air Fresheners are Hypoallergenic

What makes eco friendly air fresheners great for commercial facilities is their allergen free properties. Since they are free of toxic substances such as sulphates and parabens, they are non-irritating on the eyes and skin. Most animals can get an upset stomach from toxic substances in traditional air fresheners.

  1. Can Neutralise all Kinds of Smell

Eco friendly air fresheners are known to not only be safe but can also absorb potent smells. This works great for homes and facilities that are exposed to animals and pets. By neutralising foul smells almost instantly, you can expect your café to smell fresh and stay clean at all times.

  1. They Come in a Wide Range of Fragrances

Pet friendly air fresheners come in a wide range of scents. You can even create your own bespoke fragrances by combining several scents. When paired with commercial fragrance diffusers that offer slow release technology, you can expect customers to feel relaxed and at ease.

Where to Find Affordable Pet Friendly Air Fresheners

If you are located in the UK, then you can access pet friendly air fresheners from Luxury Air. The eco friendly fragrances provided here are hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. This makes them ideal for pet friendly cafes. Most of our customers rely on us for commercial air fresheners for their spas, gyms, hotels, and care homes. Our commitment and dedication to helping create safe and welcoming spaces for all are what has helped us earn our reputation since our operations started in 2019.

Here are some additional features our products and services have to offer.

  • Our products come in spill free and leak proof containers

  • We offer bespoke fragrances – you can even curate your own fragrance

  • Luxury Air also offers commercial air freshener services – integrate the commercial air freshener into your HVAC system

  • Our products contain Odoraxe which can neutralise all types of unpleasant smells. This ingredient makes our air fresheners pet friendly and safe for children as well

Get Started On Making Your Café Pet Friendly Without Delay!

With the guide provided here, you can transform your café into becoming pet friendly right away. Be sure to perfect the recipes for pet friendly treats and snacks first. Or, you can even outsource them from bakeries and vendors.

In addition, you can place an order for your pet friendly air freshener by visiting Luxury Air’s website. Click here to browse through the wide range of fragrances we have to offer. From then on, all you have to do is place an order and we will have it shipped to your doorstep right away. For more queries, feel free to drop us a message. Our representatives will get back to your concerns as soon as possible.

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