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Aromatherapy In Care

Imagine being able to improve your residents well being without the use of drugs and medication!

At Luxury Air we aren't saying you can do away with medication, but reducing the amount of drugs needed is a good start. It not only can save money and staff time in doing the rounds, it can reduce the nasty side effects medication can have.

Using our fragrance cartridges containing pure essential oils and fragrance oils in polymer beads opens up a whole world of new possibilities. Using only air flow to disperse the fragrance into the room makes fragrancing entirely safe for the care setting. Usual ways of dispersing fragrance is namely, naked flame (candles), oil diffusers, or gas canisters, none of which would be safe in a residents bedroom, especially dementia patients. Now using our dry system means we can effectively fragrance a care home bedroom bringing all the benifits. The benifits of fragrance such as lavender are well known for improving sleep.

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