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More Than Fragrancing

Fragrancing is important in the business world for several reasons.

  • Scent Marketing - It can become part of the companies image and brand, most famously Hollister Co.

  • For those first impressions - The first 10 seconds of entering into a showroom, shop, care home etc, are possibly the most important in retaining clients. In the first 10 seconds, all 5 senses are on high alert, smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight, and this can leave the most significant impression subconsciously on the mind. Why else is plenty of fragrance used on a first date, now it can work the same in your reception!

  • Staff Satisfaction - For more detail on the benefits of the essential oils, eg reduced stress, or increased positivity click here. 


The Service

The perfect solution for your business. Whether its a 10m corridor or a 1000 sqm show room, you can take advantage of premium USA fragrance system.

Contracts Include:


  • Free servicing 

  • Plans for any budget

  • Free Installation* 

  • Free Batteries

  • Cancel anytime!

*Not available on all plans

Bespoke quotes available for all your options, from fragrancing in each bedroom in a hotel and one for the lift, to a local village hall.

The service means you simply pay a monthly fee, no hidden costs, free delivery, and receive the fragrance Invents* of your choice.

*Invents are the dry fragrance refills that the fragrance machine (The Stealth), uses. 

Environmentally Friendly

• No aerosols, harmful solvents or propellants

• Uses pure essential and fragrance oils

• Refill cartridges are recyclable

Odour Neutralization

• Attack and neutralize malodours with Odoraxe™

Save Time

• Replace refill in seconds, with easy “one-click” loading

Simple to Operate

• We take care of the rest, programming the Stealth to

your unique needs


• Unique ergonomic design

• Theft Proof

• Key lockable refill compartment

  • Made in the USA

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