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About Us

You are looking for a company you can trust, that saves you time and effort at the same time as achieving the results you want, (plus at a fair price). Well read on.

Luxury Air is a family business that started full operations in early 2019  (riding a pandemic) and customers have been trusting us ever since.

We believe you deserves the luxury of quality fragrance at a fair price, that's why we remain committed to fair prices and ease of use. 

Using a carefully selected range of fragrance products and commercial air freshener systems including HYscent, we delivery unbeatable service and prices to customers across the UK and Ireland.


Based in the heart of Devon we moved to a new warehouse and offices in Willand, Cullompton in September 2021. With excellent transport links we can provide the entire UK with the service you expect. 

The People

3 generation's working together, we love working with our customers. Whilst we take selling fragrance seriously, it can be fun to. We hope you enjoy experimenting all the different fragrances as much as we do!

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