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Eco Friendly Fragrances For Your Nursery

Natural air fresheners for your nursery
Baby’s first nursery

Are you having a baby? Are you stressed out about having the perfect nursery set up for the baby when it arrives? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, and are a first-time parent, then chances are your stress levels are sky high. But, you have nothing to worry about. This article has got your back.

To make your baby feel safe and protected at all times, it is important to invest in the right products. From having a baby monitor set up, to the most durable and reliable crib, and the right use of colours in the nursery, all go into making a nursery welcoming. One additional aspect that can help make the ambiance even more inviting at home is by investing in natural or eco friendly fragrances. To learn more about what eco-friendly fragrances are and how they can help, read ahead.

Eco Friendly Fragrances – What They Are

Eco friendly fragrances are fragrances that come free of any toxic chemicals and substances such as sulphates and parabens. They are free of irritants as well that can often lead to allergy flare up. Derived from organic and natural ingredients, eco friendly fragrances and air fresheners are proven to be child friendly and pet friendly as well. You won’t experience any allergy flare-ups in your house after having them placed in the nursery.

Why Opt for Eco Friendly Fragrances in Your Nursery?

Let's have a look at why eco-friendly fragrances are an ideal fit for your nursery.

  1. They Are Child Friendly

Since eco friendly air fresheners and fragrances are free of toxic chemicals, they are safe for your child to be around. They are hypoallergenic in nature and won't cause any irritation to your baby’s eyes or skin. These air fresheners are also safe for pets as they do not lead to any respiratory problems.

  1. They Can Be Used for Aromatherapy

When the baby arrives, chances are that you may not get any sleep in at all. This is where eco-friendly air fresheners come to help. The natural fragrances offer therapeutic effects that can not only help calm your nerves and reduce stress, but also keep the baby at ease.

  1. They Can Neutralise The Most Potent Smells

Eco friendly fragrances and air fresheners work just as great as any other air freshener. And they can absorb the foulest smell. You can place an eco friendly air freshener near your baby’s diaper changing station to keep the air free of unwanted odour.

Top 3 Fragrances for Nurseries

Here are some eco friendly fragrances that can be used in the nursery. They are not only beneficial for the baby but also for the parents.


Lavender is great for helping treat insomnia. You can even place it in your room to help keep yourself stress free. It is also known to lower symptoms of anxiety and blood pressure – try it out and see the difference it makes in your lifestyle. Your baby is going to love it as well.


Lilies can help one feel happy and at ease. The floral hues it provides can help parents de-stress while caring for a newborn baby. This fragrance also offers antiseptic properties and can regulate mood and blood pressure levels as well.


The smell of nature can put a crying baby to sleep almost instantly. This is because our bodies are naturally inclined towards nature. The comfort and peace nature offers are like no other. Thus, fragrances that remind us of the forest or nature are sure to give the immune system a boost and invoke anti-inflammatory responses in the body.

Where To Find Eco Friendly Fragrances For Your Nursery?

Luxury Air provides eco friendly air fresheners at the most affordable rates. We have a wide range of fragrances that are 100% recyclable and allergen free. Being a family owned company we are dedicated to providing you with products that are safe, affordable, and free of any toxic substances. This is why our commercial air fresheners and commercial fragrance diffusers are popular among hotels, restaurants, spas, care homes, and even daycares.

Our commercial air fresheners and fragrances contain Ordoraxe which is a toxin free substance known to neutralize all kinds of smells. The slow release technology that our commercial fragrance diffusers provide is leak proof and spill free as well. This helps ensure the fragrance is not too overpowering in your home or facility along with keeping your home clean and mess free.

In addition, we also provide commercial air freshener services at the most affordable rates. You can have a commercial air freshener integrated into your HVAC system. If you would like to avail of this service, reach out to us by visiting our website and giving us a call.

Place Your Order Today!

With the right approach to setting up your baby’s nursery, you can ensure a safe and embracing environment. Eco friendly air fresheners work like magic in this regard. They can help soothe a crying baby within seconds and help lower your stress and anxiety levels as well. Investing in premium quality natural fragrances is therefore worth it in the long run.

To get your hands on commercial air fresheners and eco friendly fragrances, place an order at Luxury Air today. We shall have your desired product shipped to you within no time. Our products are certified and known to be hypoallergenic and safe. For more queries, you can drop us a message and our team shall get back to you right away!

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