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Investing In The Right Air Fresheners - Key Aspects To Look At

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Air fresheners can be a hit or a miss. This is because not all of them are able to work effectively and provide the desired results. For this, making the right purchase is important. Looking at the key aspects of the air freshener before placing it into your cart is the way to go.

If you wish to learn more about what these aspects are and how you can make the right decision on your next air freshener purchase, then read ahead. This article is your guide to helping you spend your money on products that reap high returns.

Air Fresheners – What They Are Used For

Air fresheners are a common household item that can come in hand during unpleasant situations. They are also commonly found in commercial facilities to create a welcoming and fresh ambiance for customers and clients.

The way an air freshener works is that it absorbs any foul odor, bacteria, mildew, or unwanted smell all while leaving behind a fresh and vibrant scent that can linger on for a while. It helps leave a good first impression on customers and plays a key role in improving customer retention rates. No one likes walking into an unpleasant smelling restaurant, hotel, or gym. And, the same goes for your home as well. A home that smells nice is an indication of a well-kept and clean home – this is something people who have children or pets at home are specifically conscious of.

What To Look At Before Investing In An Air Freshener

Before making the decision of buying the ocean breeze air freshener, or floral air freshener from the local supermarket, you might want to take a step back and go over what the product has to offer. Here are some key elements to look at before making the purchase:

1.The Ingredients Used

The first thing you want to inquire about or find out are the ingredients used to make the fragrance or commercial air freshener. This is because most people have allergy flare-ups due to the harmful chemicals present in air fresheners. From parabens, sulphates and BHT, to formaldehyde, all can induce eye irritation, respiratory problems, skin allergies, and headaches.

To save yourself and your loved ones from an unpleasant experience caused by traditional air fresheners, look for one that explicitly states it is free of hypo allergens and parabens. Check labels for eco-friendly air fresheners and pet friendly air fresheners.

2.Commercial Air Freshener

To figure out if the air freshener is going to last you a while, look into whether it is a commercial air freshener or not. This is because commercial air fresheners are a lot more effective than traditional air fresheners. They can absorb the most potent smells and are designed to last for a longer while due to their slow release technology.

3.Price Tag

Air fresheners that come at an extremely low price are what you want to stay away from. This is because they are sure to have chemicals and unwanted synthetic substances in them. Natural air fresheners are a bit costly but surely worth it. Their scents last for longer as well and they are safer for the environment. Thus, a higher price tag is sure to indicate that the air freshener is of premium quality and has low to nil chemicals and preservatives added.

4.The Packaging

The last thing you want to gauge is the packaging. This is extremely important as most air fresheners are prone to leakage and spilling. Look for a bottle or diffuser that states it is leak proof and spill free. Cleaning up the spilled fragrance from the air freshener or commercial fragrance diffuser can be a pain, especially if the ingredients used are not organic. This can be dangerous if you have children or pets living in your home.

Where To Find Natural Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners can be found on the shelf of every grocery store, however, there are only a few retailers that have invested their time and resources into making commercial air fresheners that are natural and eco-friendly. Luxury Air is the premier provider of bespoke fragrances and natural air fresheners in the UK.

Since our inception in 2019, we have worked meticulously to manufacture and design commercial fragrance diffusers that are hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. Being a family owned business, we take extra care in ensuring our products are of premium quality and safe for children to be around.

That’s not all, our scents cover a wide range of profiles as well to cater to different preferences. And, what makes our fragrances stand out are our affordable prices! To place your order head on over to our website – you will be surprised at the different and unique scents that we have to offer. They’re pet friendly, free of chemicals and toxic ingredients, and certified as sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Make The Right Investment In Commercial Air Fresheners!

Get your hands on the right air freshener today! All you have to do is place an order online at Luxury Air. Our commercial air fresheners are created keeping all the key aspects provided here in mind. The return on investment here is sure to be high. You can pick your desired scent or have one created especially for your home or business facility. The possibilities are endless!

To learn more, visit our website. If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us by dropping us a message. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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