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The Importance Of Fragrance In The Care Home

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A Care Home with a pleasant aroma can not be stressed enough. It creates the desired home from home affect and so much more. As each care home has it's own strengths, including proper fragrance systems really can give you the competitive edge.

A fragrance is proven in increased visitor satisfaction.

It can play a vital role in improve staff wellbeing and happiness.

And for the residents there is no end of uses with Luxury Airs silent dispensers. Using lavender for example in a residents bedroom is a proven way to improve sleep quality.

Even simply adding a pleasant fragrance into a residents bedroom can be a challenge, particularly with dementia patients. Unable to use candles and oil based air fresheners, and even the automatic gas sprays are a risk, (plus they don't work anyway), our natural, dry fragrance systems are working well for customers.

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