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Traditional Fragrances vs. Commercial Fragrances – Are Commercial Air Fresheners Harmful?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Has a recent allergy flare-up of one of the customers in the restaurant or gym left you worried about what to do next? Are you still trying to figure out what may have caused this? Well, there is one possibility of what may have triggered the flare up. The culprit is the good old traditional air freshener. Traditional air fresheners are the most common reason for triggering allergies. It can induce wheezing, rashes, itchy and watery eyes, and respiratory problems. This can be detrimental for your business going forward.

So, what should you do? You can't have your commercial facility smelling unpleasant either? The answer is by investing in commercial air fresheners. These air fresheners are specifically designed to help bring commercial facilities to life without leaving behind the possibility of impacting your customer’s health. If you are curious to learn about what traditional and commercial fragrances are, and if commercial air fresheners are harmful, then read ahead for more.

Traditional Fragrances – What They Are All About

Traditional fragrances are those that are made using synthetic chemicals and ingredients. While these may be cheaper to invest in, they can lead to indoor pollution. They are known to cause skin irritation as well. And, most traditional fragrances in air fresheners work for a limited amount of time. It’s no wonder that you often find yourself reaching for the traditional air freshener in your home or facility after every hour or so. Their efficacy in terms of absorbing potent smells is quite low as well.

Commercial Fragrances - What They Are All About

Commercial fragrances are designed to cater to a wider market. They are manufactured keeping external elements in mind. For instance, commercial fragrances are perfect for indoor facilities that are prone to having a large presence of people. Salons, restaurants, hotels, and gyms use commercial air fresheners to improve the air quality and ambiance of their facility. And, commercial air fresheners come with fragrances that are refreshing and can induce therapeutic effects. They have been proven to help in retaining customers as well. The impression they leave on customers walking is what every business owner struggles to obtain. You can even use them in your home - they’re pet friendly!

Are Commercial Air Fresheners Harmful?

When compared to traditional fragrances and air fresheners, commercial air fresheners are a lot safer to use. This is because they are specifically designed for closed indoor spaces. Commercial air fresheners that are made by renowned retailers and companies are often eco-friendly. They are made using organic ingredients that are free of parabens, sulphates, and formaldehyde. As a result, commercial air fresheners can be hypoallergenic, pet friendly, and 100% safe to use in your home and commercial facility.

Here are some of the benefits of commercial air fresheners that you won’t find while using traditional air fresheners.

● Commercial air fresheners are designed to absorb the most potent of smells.

●A little goes a long way with commercial air fresheners. You only need to let your commercial fragrance diffuser operate for a little while to leave behind a trail of fragrance that lingers on for hours!

● The fragrances used in commercial air fresheners come in a wide range of scents. They can also be customized for your business venture

● Commercial air fresheners come with a slow-release technology which makes them last for long. You can find a commercial fragrance diffuser for this purpose at any retail store or online platform

●Commercial air fresheners are leak-proof and leave behind no sticky residue, making cleaning up a lot more effortless

Where Can I Find Commercial Air Fresheners That Are Safe to Use?

Commercial air fresheners that are 100% recyclable and ecofriendly, can be found at Luxury Air. The commercial and bespoke fragrances provided here are one of a kind. They can be used at home or any commercial facility. Our recurring clients have ranged from hospitals, gyms, clubs, restaurants, and even hotels. This is because our commercial air fresheners are affordable, durable, and efficient. And, what makes our commercial air fresheners worth the price tag is the slow release technology. We take care in making sure our fragrances are not too overpowering. You are not going to experience any sticky residue left behind either, the commercial fragrance diffuser we offer has been designed to keep this common complaint in mind.

In addition, Luxury Air is a family-owned business. Our philosophy, therefore, lies in helping improve overall wellbeing. Our pet friendly air fresheners are hypoallergenic. They are also safe for children to be around. If you are always on your toes with frequent allergy flare-ups from traditional air fresheners and fragrances, then giving the commercial air freshener at Luxury Air is going to change your life! Visit our website and place an order today.

Invest in Commercial Air Fresheners Today!

With a detailed breakdown of what commercial air fresheners have to offer, you can now make the right investment and get your hands on an ecofriendly and spill proof commercial air freshener today. Head on over to Luxury Air’s website to get started. You can browse through the wide range of scents offered, or have a customizes bespoke fragrance made just for yourself. The possibilities are endless! Our pet friendly air fresheners are quite popular, grab yours now before they run out of stock.

For more information, you can get in touch with us by dropping us a message. We shall get back to you and assist you in y our queries as soon as possible.

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