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Are Commercial Air Freshener Services Worth it 2024?

Updated: Feb 1

Confused between getting a traditional air freshener or investing in a commercial air freshener? While this may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, in reality investing in the latter can do wonders for your commercial facility. This is because of the wide number of benefits commercial air freshener services come with. They can bring your facility to life in no time!

To learn more about what commercial air fresheners are and what they have to offer, read ahead. By the end of it, you’ll know what to do next to get your hands on a commercial air freshener service in the UK.

What are Commercial Air Freshener Services?

Commercial air freshener services differ from store bought air fresheners. This is because they are managed by the service provider. This is done via the provision of bespoke fragrances and premium quality scents that are suited for your facility.

Professional service providers can offer stand alone air fresheners that work to neutralise unpleasant smells. Or, they can plumb the air freshener into your HVAC. This slowly releases fragrance at various time intervals and helps keep the overall ambiance of your facility pleasant and welcoming.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Commercial Air Freshener Services

Commercial air freshener services work just as any other investment you make in your business. They yield a high rate of return. How is this so? Let’s look at some of the benefits of commercial air freshener services that make it worth the money.

1. Improves Customer Experience

As a customer walks into your door, the first thing they pick up on is the ambiance. From the way your facility is furnished, to the friendly nature of your staff and overall cleanliness. However, there is one more aspect that leaves a lasting impression. And that is the fragrance of the room.

If your facility has an unpleasant smell, you can expect the customer to walk out almost immediately – only to never return. To save yourself from this, having a commercial air freshener that integrates slow release technology into your HVAC can help. It is sure to improve your customer experience and pull up customer retention rates.

2. They Are More Efficient Than Traditional Fragrances

Traditional fragrances are often ineffective when it comes to neutralising potent smells. They only last for a short while as well. Commercial air fresheners and services seek to absorb the most potent of smells. And the scents you are going to find with commercial air fresheners are quite subtle and pleasant.

These fragrances and air fresheners also provide a high rate of return. While you may be spending hundreds of pounds on traditional air fresheners, a commercial air freshener can get the job done in half the time and at half the cost.

3. They are Safe and Hypoallergenic

In addition, commercial fragrances in commercial air fresheners are not too overpowering. And if you invest in a commercial air freshener service that offers eco-friendly fragrances, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Your customers and employees are going to feel safe and valued in your facility, that’s for sure. You can say goodbye to potential allergy flare-ups and uncomfortable experiences at your facility.

Who to Get in Touch with for Commercial Air Freshener Services in the UK

If you wish to avail commercial air freshener services, all you have to do is get in touch with a professional service provider. In the UK, Luxury Air is the premium service provider that deals with bespoke fragrances. We also offer commercial fragrances and air freshener services with our passion to become the most hassle free service providers of top end air fresheners in the UK. And, our products are eco-friendly. They are designed to keep you and your customer’s health in mind.

The slow release technology that our commercial air fresheners operate under is sure to leave your facility smelling brand new at all times. This is also because our fragrances contain Odoraxe which is known for its powerful properties of neutralising and absorbing the worst of smells. We integrate the commercial air freshener into your HVAC and provide a standalone device both. This makes our commercial air fresheners ideal for places like gyms, hospitals, hotels, offices, and clinics.

We have several pricing plans that you can choose from. Our commercial air freshener services start at £ 204.04 per month for up to 60sq metres and go up to £27 for facilities that are 100sq metres. Our services are valid for a year and vary in terms of additional services. These include free installation, free batteries, free services, and more. To learn more about our commercial plans, click here.

Bring Your Facility To Life With Premium Commercial Air Freshener Services

Commercial air freshener services are quite the norm today. Traditional air fresheners just don’t seem to cut it anymore. They’re inefficient, fail to absorb potent smells, and can be overpowering. The last thing you want is for your customers to walk in and be sneezing away from the presence of hypo allergens in the air – most traditional air fresheners are packed with harmful toxins and chemicals.

So, to leave a lasting impression on your customers and improve the overall ambiance of your facility, get in touch with Luxury Air for commercial air freshener services today! With a premium bespoke fragrance provider near you, you need not look elsewhere. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

For more information, visit our website. you can place an order for our commercial fragrances and pet friendly air fresheners as well – we will have it delivered to you in no time. You can even drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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