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Aromatherapy with Eco-Friendly Fragrances – The Guide You Need

Aromatherapy has been used to help improve overall wellbeing for centuries. The Chinese used it as well – from using the right scents to relieve stress, insomnia, migraines, to even helping with digestion and improving energy levels and focus. Luckily, these ancient techniques have now taken on a new form. Their benefits can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. For this, all you need is to invest in the right type of fragrance and commercial fragrance diffuser. The more premium the fragrances are, the better are the chances of them working in your favour. And, they can be easily found in retail stores near you or online. One such retailer that curates bespoke fragrances for aromatherapy purposes is Luxury Air. The hypoallergenic fragrances here are not too overwhelming – they are designed to keep the wellbeing of everyone into consideration, even pets and children. This is what makes their fragrances truly worth it!

But first, knowing what each fragrance type caters to is important. To learn more about aromatherapy and what fragrances can be used for various concerns, read ahead. By the end of it, you are sure to know which fragrance to invest in for yourself or your family. From then on, getting your hands on the desired magical potion is just a few steps away.

Aromatherapy With Eco-Friendly Fragrances

Aromatherapy can take on several definitions. The simplest one is as follows; it is a form of therapy that relies on using essential oils and fragrances to engage the senses, especially smell, to help improve overall mental and physical wellbeing. By using natural fragrances, the mind and body regenerate themselves and heal at a faster pace. As a result, improved mood, and ease of several health conditions can follow.

If you wish to use aromatherapy in your daily life, then learning about various fragrances and the benefits they provide are the first steps towards getting it done right. You don’t want to use the wrong fragrance and trigger an underlying condition. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones, shall we?

1. Lavender

The lavender flower comes with countless benefits. The purple flower is not only a sight for sore eyes, but also releases a soothing scent. You can feel your nerves loosen up and experience the worries of life escape your body with just a few sniffs. There have been several studies that have shown the therapeutic effects of lavender essential oils and fragrances.

The essential oils can be sprinkled onto the pillow or blanket while sleeping. However, some people can have an allergy flare up from essential oils. Thus, to be on the safe side, investing in a commercial air freshener or commercial fragrance diffuser with an eco-friendly lavender fragrance is the wiser choice.

Benefits of Lavender Fragrance:

● Helps treat insomnia

● Effective in relieving headaches and migraines

● Known to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

● Works best as a mood stabiliser

● Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

Case Studies:

Luxury Air has been a proud supplier of lavender fragrances in care homes. The use of this particular fragrance has helped residents overcome insomnia and sleep better at night. This has been a positive development as better sleep does not only improve the quality of life for the residents but also assists in overcoming other hurdles. One cut back that has been observed has been wandering at night and falling. As a result, care homes have been able to reduce staff times and keep their residents safe and protected from potential injuries.

Other scents and fragrances that work to help relieve stress are Warm Vanilla, Sweet Mango, Crisp Linen, Pomegranate, Soft Powder, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Lemon & Basil.

2. Lemon and Basil

Who doesn’t love a nice citrusy scent? It’s quite enlightening as well. When paired with basil, the fragrances become even more pleasant and soothing. Lemon and basil fragrances can help ease your stress and worries in no time. All you need is to turn on your air diffuser after a long day and enjoy the benefits. And, that’s not all. This fragrance can also be used in restaurants, offices, and gyms. Most commercial facilities rely on commercial air fragrance services for this.

Benefits of Lemon and Basil Fragrance: Lemon and Basil is our most popular fragrance.

● Stabilises blood sugar levels

● Can help reduce blood pressure and heart rates

● Great for easing the nerves

● Alleviates nausea and motion sickness, making it a top choice of hotels that have exhausted customers checking in at all hours of the day

● Helps keep you and those around feeling refreshed and energised

● Works great in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression

● Keeps flies at bay – works great for conservatories and porches

Luxury Air provides premium quality bespoke Lemon and Basil Fragrance just for you! Click here to purchase yours today.

3. Coffee Bean

If you're someone who isn’t a morning person and needs a cup of coffee to awaken your senses, then there is a less strenuous way of doing so. You can cut down on your coffee intake by investing in a coffee bean fragrance for your air freshener. Coffee beans have a potent scent that is known to improve mood and energy levels. Research on the effects of coffee bean scent on the mind and body has proven this.

Benefits of Coffee Bean Fragrance:

● Improves alertness and focus, thus enhancing overall productivity levels. Coffee Bean fragrances are a must have in workplaces.

● Known to boost cognitive functioning and memory retention

● Helps improve mood and behaviour

● Instil a sense of positivity

● Ideal for a quick pick-me-up and energy boost

Luxury Air offers premium quality Coffee Bean Fragrances that work well with all types of commercial facilities, especially restaurants and offices. Other fragrances that provide similar benefits range from Pacific Waves, Coastal Winds, and Crisp Linen. An energy boost from fragrances is quick, effective, and quite light on the pocket as well. Try it out and see the difference it makes in your energy levels right away!

4. Citrus Harvest

If it has anything to do with citrus fruits, it’s sure to be worth it. Citrusy fragrances are known to help in rejuvenating the senses.

Benefits of Citrus Harvest Fragrance:

● Helps keep flies and mosquitos at bay – if you have outdoor seating in your restaurant, then this is the go-to fragrance for you

● Reduces fatigue and frustration

● Eliminates toxins and germs from the air

● Balances mood

Another fragrance that works to help keep pests at bay and improve mood is lemongrass. At Luxury Air we provide Thai Lemongrass that takes the benefits of this citrusy fragrance up a few notches.

5. Forest or Kismet

Studies have shown a positive link between natural scents from the forest with helping ease anxiety and stress. If you are a nature lover who enjoys camping over the weekend because of the earthy and forest smells, then bringing such scents home only requires a few simple steps.

Luxury Air provides Forest fragrances for commercial diffusers as well. Kismet on the other hand offers a variety of subtle hints infused in one – from hues of vanilla, rose, bergamot, and lemon, this unique fragrance is a cure-all for insomnia. You can now expect your crying baby to sleep peacefully throughout the night. But, make sure to invest in a hypoallergenic and toxin free fragrance for this that comes with a silent diffuser – both of which can be easily accessed from Luxury Air!

Benefits of Forest or Kismet Fragrances:

● Effective in helping treat insomnia – you’re sure to sleep like a baby on the very first night!

● Boosts your immune system

● Regulates mood

● Known to help lower cortisol levels

● Invoke an anti-inflammatory response in the body

● Helps calm the nerves

6. Summer Lilies

If there is one thing that is loved most in the summer, it is fresh flowers. The Summer Lilies fragrance is a combination of lotus, ylang, and Jasmin. It also provides a hint of musk and cucumber that pairs well with the floral notes. If you’re someone who loves having your home smelling floral, then this fragrance can save you a lot of money spent on purchasing flowers. You can click here to place your order.

Benefits of Summer Lilies Fragrance:

● Helps de-stress

● Lowers blood pressure

● Provides antiseptic properties

● Leaves a good first impression on customers and guests

● Absorbs powerful odours within seconds

7. Dual Fragrances

Dual fragrances can become too overpowering. But, not when the right fragrances are put together. Some of the most popular dual fragrances offered at Luxury Air are as follows:

● Green Apple - Ceylon Cinnamon: Christmassy – Take a walk down memory lane with this fragrance that combines all the scents of Christmas

● Crisp Linen - Crushed Petals: Sweet Perfume – a floral and refreshing petal scent that helps create an extraordinary customer experience

● Coffee Bean - Warm Vanilla: Latte – great for awakening the senses and giving your employees and clients a boost of energy and productivity

● Lemon & Basil - Mango: Warming Fruits – De-stress and keep the flies at bay with a citrusy and earthy lemon basil fragrance that will make you crave a refreshing glass of lemonade

This does not mean you can’t create your own fragrance. Having a personal and custom-created scent for your hotel or office is on the list as well. For instance, you can benefit from the sweet notes for Warm Vanilla and combine it with Coffee Bean to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity and positivity in your office. The Latte Fragrance is always on the verge of going out of stock, so get your hands on it today!

Where To Get Premium Quality Fragrances For Aromatherapy?

In the UK, Luxury Air is the premier fragrance manufacturer that deals with a wide range of eco-friendly products. The fragrances here are curated to enhance benefits reaped from aromatherapy. From care homes, hotels, gyms, offices, restaurants, to even homes, our fragrances can be utilised by all. And they are sure to leave a lasting impression! This is also because of the hypoallergenic properties our bespoke fragrances come with. They contain Odoraxe which neutralises the most powerful smells. And the leak-proof air fresheners leave behind no sticky residue, making it child and pet friendly. You can access our fragrances here.

Our company started its operations in 2019. Since then, it has grown to encompass a wide range of scents. As a family run business, our commitment and dedication towards improving the quality of life have earned us a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. Keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected from harmful toxins lies at the core of our goals, and we deliver on our promises every time.

The Bottom Line

With a breakdown of which fragrances aid with migraines, boosts energy, and even helps treat insomnia, there is only one thing left to do. And that is of placing your order today! You can purchase a commercial air freshener infused with your desired scent or avail of Luxury Airs a commercial air freshener service. We integrate the commercial air freshener into the HVAC. The slow release technology ensures that the most potent smells are absorbed, all while staying subtle. This is why our commercial air freshener services are renowned among care homes and hotels.

For more information on our products and services, visit our website here. If you have any further queries, you can send us a message and we shall get back to you shortly. Till then, place your order today and get started on improving your mental and physical health without delay! An investment in self-care never goes to waste!

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