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Eco friendly.

No toxic gasses or chemicals.

No matches.

No sticky oils.

Pet friendly air fresheners.

Using the HYscent Dual dispenser means you can alternate your fragrance every 3 - 6 hours, or combine two fragrances at once.


Our dry cartridges last 60 days +, (most gas refills last only 30), and can continue on to be put to use in small areas for months to come


Odoraxe - All our Hyscent product contain Odoraxe - each fragrance cartridge will neutralise even the worst smells at a molecular level. Click For Video

We only use premium essential and fragrance oils, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy, e.g. increased energy using our coffee fragrance.

Our Luxury Air Freshener Range HYscent:
Pet friendly air freshener
Commercial air diffuser


Find our diffusers in the most exclusive adresses in the UK, you too, can add the 3rd Dimension to your business today.

 Commercial air fresheners in the business/ hospitality environment can:

  • Increase Sales, Proven To Boost Over 15%.

  • Improve Staff Wellbeing.

  • Longer Visits, Improved Customer Experience.

  • Higher Ranking, Reviews For Your Business.

Luxury Air premium fragrance oils that meet global standard's such as IFRA and are:

  • Paraben free.

  • Vegan.

  • Huge Range Available, Match Your Favorite Perfume.

We supply Commercial Air Fresheners for large areas such as Hotels, Care Homes, Restaurants, Nursery School's, Clubs. We can meet any budget and any size, we love the challenge, let us get it right for you!

Luxury Commercial Air Freshener Range

Introducing WONDERWICK

As well as our Hyscent and Premium Oil range we now offer the Hotel grade Wonderwick reed diffuser range.

Using the latest WONDERWICK™ technology, your reed diffusers will fill the air with glorious fragrance for around 3-4 months.

  • Vegan

  • GMO Free

  • Palm Oil Free

  • Highly fragranced throughout

  • Handmade in Hampshire, UK

Perfect for Hotel Receptions, Offices and Showrooms, or simply fill your home with delight. 

Sea-Salted Fig - Noir_edited_edited.jpg


I really love this air freshener as it gives off a really nice and powerful smell around the house!! It’s like nothing we’ve ever use before!! Definitely will be trying new scents :)


Smart, Affordable Products

You deserves the luxury of quality fragrance at a fair price, that's why we remain committed to fair prices and ease of use. After a long search for commercial air fresheners that really worked, (and we mean work), we found one! Being HYscents key distributor in the UK, our range does all a fragrance should and so much more. We hope you enjoy trying out all the different fragrances as much as we have.

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