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Eco Friendly Car Air Fresheners – Why You Should Invest In Them 2024

Updated: Feb 1

Do you have pets or children? Do you struggle to keep your car clean with them by your side? Well, while cleaning up the spills in the car may be common, the challenge of trying to get rid of the unpleasant smell can be daunting. You may have tried everything from rolling down the windows to using a DIY attempt at spraying vinegar on the backseat where your kid spilled their chocolate milk. The results are always bleak. So, what are you supposed to do in this situation, especially if you are allergic to traditional fragrances? The answer is simple! Get your hands on eco-friendly fragrances and car fresheners!

Let’s have a look at what eco-friendly car fresheners are and how investing in them is sure to solve your months-old problem.

Eco Friendly Car Fresheners – Why You Should Invest In Them

Here are some of the benefits eco friendly car fresheners have to offer. Read ahead to learn more!

1. Eco Friendly Car Fresheners Are Hypoallergenic

While traditional car fresheners come with toxins and chemicals, eco-friendly car fresheners such as the LXS3pro are known to be safer and free of chemicals. This helps improve air quality inside your car and creates a safe space for you and your kids to travel in. Eco friendly car fresheners are also pet friendly – you won’t have to struggle with taking your pets to the vet on their next journey. They are going to sit calmly through the ride there.

2. They Help Ease Symptoms of Motion Sickness And Nausea

If long journeys make you sick and nauseous, then having the right car freshener can help. Pleasant smells such as those from eco-friendly car air fresheners can help alleviate symptoms of headaches and nausea. They work in the same manner as aromatherapy. So, invest in them today and have fun on your next road trip.

3. Helps Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells

With pollution coming in from the outside, to food being left behind in your car by mistake, all can contribute towards leaving a bad odor in your car. Leaving the windows rolled down may not always help. For this, having eco-friendly car fresheners is key. They can absorb the most potent of smells, leaving your car smelling brand new every time. You’re going to look forward to your car journeys after having a pleasant and eco-friendly car freshener by your side, that’s for sure!

4. Makes Your Journey Pleasant

If you have people you frequently ride share with, then making sure your car smells pleasant and welcoming is important. It also reflects on how clean your car is. And, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly car fresheners are the way to go. You don’t want anyone sitting in your car to have their allergy triggered from the synthetic elements in traditional car fresheners. A welcoming ambiance is what you want to create, and for this eco-friendly car fresheners is the way to go.

Where To Find Eco Friendly Car Air Fresheners in The UK?

You can find basic car fresheners at many retail store. But, for eco-friendly car fresheners, you may have to look elsewhere. In the UK, there is one such bespoke fragrance provider that deals with eco friendly fragrances and car fresheners. It is none other than Luxury Air. Our fragrances and commercial air fresheners are quite popular among business ventures. Our car air fresheners come in a wide range of scents. From floral hues to those of tropical fruits, all can be found at our online store. In addition, our fragrances are made using organic ingredients that are sure to keep your allergy flare ups at bay. They are even pet friendly and safe for children to be around, so you need not worry about any toxic fumes being inhaled by you and your loved ones.

Luxury Air has been in the market since 2019 and is renowned for being a family owned business. It has grown to include a wide range of products. From commercial air fresheners, commercial fragrance diffusers, car fresheners, bespoke fragrances, and more, all can be found on our website here. What makes our products stand out is the leak proof packaging and slow release technology. They’re long lasting and come with a certified eco friendly tag as well. Our commercial diffusers can be reused and combined with different fragrances as well. Improved quality of life is a given with Luxury Air products, give them a try and see for yourself today, you will not regret it.

The Bottom Line – Add Your Desired Car Freshener to Your Car Today!

With the benefits of having a safe and affordable air freshener in your car out of the way, there is only one thing left to do. And that is of making the purchase! To get your desired car air freshener, head on over to Luxury Air’s website and place your order today. We have a wide range of car air fresheners as well as commercial air fresheners that can be used in your home or commercial facility. Our products are certified as being hypoallergenic and can be recycled as well. Once your order is placed, we shall have it delivered to your doorstep within a few business days.

The two main ones we offer are the Hyscent Solo or the LXS3pro.

The Hyscent Solo fits snuggly in a cup holder and uses a small fan to blow air over a dry, recyclable cartridge. this ensures only pure fragrance is emitted, no gas or residue of any kind. it is a cost effective solution to create a medium fragrance in your car.

Alternatively the LXS3pro is a amazing eco friendly, luxury car and home freshener. This works by filling the rechargeable battery machine up with a small amount of pure essential oil that is suitable for atomizing. Find out more here:

To learn more about our products, visit our website. You can even drop us a message, and our team will get back to your queries right away!

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