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Car/Home Power Can

Car/Home Power Can

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This Elegant Device Will Make Every Journey More Enjoyable


Do you love driving but hate the smell of your car? Do you wish you could fill your car with the scent of your favourite fragrance, without using toxic chemicals or overpowering sprays? If you answered yes, then you need to check out this elegant device that will make every journey more enjoyable.


Introducing LXS3pro, the smart, eco freindly car fragrance diffuser that lets you customize your scent experience on the go. LXS3pro is a sleek and compact device that using our premium essential oils, you can choose from 100s of natural and clean scents, such as lavender, citrus, vanilla, and more.Make your car smell like a grand hotel, or simply your favourite perfume. You can also adjust the intensity and schedule of the fragrance, so you can have a subtle or strong scent depending on your mood and preference.

LXS3pro is not only a car fragrance diffuser, but also a smart home fragrance system. Perfect for your bed side table, or a small office, or even to make your loo time a amazing experience with one in the room.  The size of a can of coke,  it will last 60 hours on one charge. The tank takes 10ml of atomizing oil whcih will last 30 to 60 days.


LXS3pro is unlike any other car air freshener on the market, it is not a humidfier, you do not need to add water, It atomizes only pure fragrance oil, so no nasty toxic in gases, or hard or sticky residues left behind. Simply pure fragrance, which the LXS3pro cleverly atomises in to tiny droplets. LXS3pro is the perfect way to enhance your driving experience and make your car smell amazing. Giving you unrivalled controllability and fragrance experience.


Trust us, once you try LXS3pro, you’ll never want to drive without it. You might even find yourself longing to get back into the car to get a whiff of your favourite fragrance.


Read about the benifits of Eco Frendly air fresheners here:


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