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The Benefits of Fragrance in the Workplace

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Fragranced workplaces play a major role in promoting your business. Click here to learn what other benefits fragrances offer you and your employees.
Commercial fragrance diffuser in working

The unexpected upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in massive employee shortages throughout the UK, with hotels, care homes, hospitality, and logistics being some of the most affected businesses. Many companies have been unable to recruit employees with the skill set they require despite offering handsome salaries and benefits. The enormous number of job resignations that have been filed the past year has earned this event the name 'The Great Resignation'.

In times when hiring adequate workers has become so difficult, companies and businesses are worried about losing members of their existing workforce. For this reason, employers have started focusing on ways to retain their employees. Some of the ways include offering better pay and benefits, adding fragrances to the workplace, and so on and so forth. If you’re wondering how adding a commercial air freshener to your office helps retain employees, keep reading.

Placing a commercial or natural air freshener into the working environment improves the workplace environment in numerous ways, many of which are often overlooked and even taken for granted. You may have seen a commercial fragrance diffuser in high-end places such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. Below are some of the many benefits that come with adding a fragrance to the workplace:

How Does a Fragranced Workplace Benefit Employees?

Reduces Stress Levels

The sense of smell is one of the sharpest among our five primary senses, and you only realize its importance once you catch a cold and are left with a stuffy nose. Nevertheless, immersing yourself in a pleasant fragrance can have a more noticeable impact on your state of mind than you probably realize.

The stress at your job can sometimes put you under a lot of stress. This not only deteriorates your performance but also has adverse effects on your health. Fortunately, some fragrances have healing properties in them; this allows them to work as stress relievers, helping you reduce your stress levels.

Researchers from Meikai University’s School of Dentistry in Japan found that fragrances such as rosemary and lavender can significantly reduce the stress hormone Cortisol. Another study done by the same researchers found that the smell of lemons contains a substance called linalool which helps dial down the fight-or-flight stress response.

Enhances Performance

Commuting to and from a job coupled with a heavy workload can exhaust your employees. This impacts their performance, lowers their morale, and eventually leads to job dissatisfaction.

Adding a commercial air freshener to your office space can help you tackle this problem. Studies have shown that fragrances can help you achieve mental clarity and help fight fatigue.

Another study concluded that lemon-based fragrances could reduce typing errors by 54%! Jasmine and lavender scents mitigated the same error by 33% and 20% respectively. Yet another study reported that the smell of peppermint can also improve the typing performance of employees.

This signifies the effectiveness of using a commercial air freshener towards improving the performance of your employees and their mental state of mind.

Improves Productivity

People find unpleasant smells and bad odours to be intolerable and irritating. This leads to a loss of focus and attention. The end result is lower productivity due to a dip in concentration.

Adding a commercial fragrance diffuser is an excellent way to cover up any unpleasant odours in the workplace. This allows your employees to fully concentrate on their work, driving up their productivity and creativity. The best part is that this increases the likelihood of employees finishing their work on time and maintaining a proper work-life balance, leading to greater job satisfaction.

Cleaner Environment

Among the biggest concerns that employees have these days when working in an office or in a care home is the safety and security of their health. People are extremely tensed and unsettled regarding the Covid-19 pandemic situation. They need the assurance that protective measures are being taken to safeguard their health from the deadly virus.

Equipping your workplace with a commercial or a natural air freshener fragrance can help you provide that much needed assurance to your employees. Fragrances are often packed with disinfecting ingredients that eliminate many of the airborne microbes and help keep the environment clean.

West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy has found that fragrances and scents comprise substances that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Using them in spaces that are crowded with people can also help reduce germs. This inadvertently helps prevent the spread of panic and ensures healthier employees. The latter translates to fewer sick leaves and a more productive business.

Employee Retention

Companies invest a lot of time and resources on their employees by training and counselling them. Having these employees leave, especially during a time when hiring new ones is more difficult than ever, would be one of the worst setbacks that a company could face.

Several studies indicate the existence of some positive correlation between employee retention and job satisfaction. Initial Hygiene Malaysia carried out a study on 40 office executives and reported that around 93% of the participants felt valued at work when the workplace was fragranced.

Moreover, it has already been discussed how commercial air fresheners help reduce stress, increase productivity and performance, and safeguard your employees' health. All these factors contribute to a working environment where an employee is able to find satisfaction in their job and thereby helping employers retain their employees.


Aromatherapy is an organic treatment that helps heal the body. The treatment uses plant extracts to assist the well-being of the person being treated. Placing a commercial fragrance diffuser coupled with a natural air freshener fragrance can bestow your workplace with this therapeutic treatment.

Aromatherapy has numerous benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, alleviating joint pains, and much more, all without having to use medication. It can help ensure a hygienic workplace and healthy employees resulting in a more productive work environment.

How Does a Fragranced Workplace Benefit the Business?

Enhances Perceived Value

People often judge the value of a place or a product using some or all five of their senses. An unpleasant smell may downgrade the value of your product and business even if your product enjoys premium positioning and is visually attractive.

On the other hand, having an elegant fragrance linger in your workspace and on your product will definitely increase the overall perceived value. Your product and business will be regarded as high-end and premium. This could inadvertently lead to higher traffic and sales for your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

Encourages Customers to Stay Longer

A pleasant fragrance in your workplace can encourage the customers to spend more time in the place. The longer your customers stay, the greater the likelihood of them purchasing something, translating to higher sales and profitability.

Brand Marketing

Fragrance helps people recognize your brand without having to see your brand logo. Experiences that are linked to scent are resistant to fading away with time. Our olfactory experiences of a space connect with us deeply, with many emotions and memories being associated with those experiences.

Marketing your business through fragrance allows you to utilize an under-used touch-point of your target audience. This serves as a distinct and unique way of reaching out to your customers, allowing your business to stand out.

Makes Customers Feel at Home

Businesses such as care homes and hospitalities thrive on their ability to make people feel comfortable and at home, in fact, doing so is the foundation of their business. However, it's very difficult for your customers to feel relaxed and at home when there's an unpleasant odour lingering around in the space irritating them.

Using a commercial fragrance diffuser, you can effectively remove any bad smells from the space and equip it with a fresh and pleasant fragrance aiding your customers in feeling at home and relaxed.

Improves Customer Experience

Your customers are in tune with all five of their senses when deciding if their experience of a place was worth their time or not. Having a space fragranced with a commercial or natural air freshener will enhance your customer's olfactory experience and, therefore, can take you a long way in retaining them.

A well-fragranced space emanates welcoming energy to your employees and customers, which encourages them to stay longer and visit again.

Traditional fragrances are composed of essential oils, and while these oils have numerous benefits, they also have their shortcomings. Many people suffer from allergies and side effects when exposed to the oils and chemicals found in traditional fragrances. These side effects include:

● Cold-like symptoms

● Wheezing

● Headaches

● Nausea

● Migraines

● Shortness of breath

However, the dry fragrances offered by Luxury Air commercial air fresheners are free from any oils and harmful chemicals. This means you can enjoy the benefits of fragrances such as aromatherapy and employee retention without having to worry about any allergies or side effects. Additionally, there is also no risk of oil spillage and/or leakage.

Final Thoughts

To reiterate, equipping your workplace with a commercial fragrance diffuser or a natural air freshener will help you establish a better workplace environment, retain your employees and boost your business. Dry fragrances are available in a variety of different scents such as lemon, apple, lavender, and more. For more details, visit Luxury Air. Creating a trade account is easy, let your commercial air freshener journey begin.

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