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Hyscent Dual Commercial Air Freshener Image

HYscent Dual Dispenser

SKU: 30002
£45.00 Regular Price
£41.00Sale Price

Natural Scent Diffuser!


The coolest automatic fragrance machine on the market. This unique machine allows you to use two entirely different fragrances at one time, or alternate them 3 to 6 hours. Perfect for the commercial world and home, best for larger rooms like reception rooms, hallways, or bedrooms. The restaurant restrooms friend.


The HYscent Dual’s streamlined cylindrical design achieves maximum aerodynamic efficiency. This coupled with the silent centrifugal fan assembly, keeps the fragrance constant and ever-present. The scents are long lasting and the simple functionality, ensures extreme ease of use. Fragrance delivery is constant, entirely safe and lacking harmful chemicals. To get the best use of this effective machine, you will need to replace the fragrance cartridges every 60 days.


  • Effectively fragrance  500sq ft
  • Blend 2 fragrances at once
  • Battery Powered
  • Wall mountable
  • Lockable


Requires: 2 x D Batteries

                    2 x Fragrance Cartridges

  • Dispensers

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