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LXS1500 Premium Fragrance Diffuser

LXS1500 Premium Fragrance Diffuser


LXS1500 Premium Oil Diffuser


The big daddy of fragrance diffusers the LXS1500 is capable of fragarnceing up to spaces up to 500 square meters. By simply using any of our 100s of premium oils available you can create wonderful intense smelling environments.

 Used in the most exclusive venues and adresses in the UK, we certinly will create the result you have been looking for.

The LXS1500 is a premium oil diffuser that uses advanced atomizing technology to create a fine mist of your favorite fragrance. It has a sleek and elegant design that blends in with any decor, it has a large 500ml tank which will make our premium oil last 2 months depending on settings. The LXS1500 also features a app giving you complete control on settings, it is compatible with our Atomizer Oils* Not HYSCENT.


Composite PP material

20 Intensity Settings

500ml Oil Tank

Atomization Technology




Wall plug

Anti-corrosion Material

Table Top/ Wall Mounted

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