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Hyscent Stealth Commercial Air Freshener for large spaces Image

HYscent Stealth

SKU: 30003


The Commercial Diffuser For Large Spaces.


Perfect for large homes, hotel lobbies, showrooms, meeting rooms, areas up to 1000 Square meters.

Mount the Stealth on the wall using the multidirectional wall mount, or on the floor using the integrated flip stand which aids in directing the fragrance release towards the centre of the space.

This commercial fragrance diffuser has six refill ports and seven fan speeds and offers the most affordable and effective solution for fragrancing large and challenging spaces

Dry fragrance that will be the effective solution to your fragrance needs,  (Please inquire for further information). 

This non invasive fragrance system comes with all the benefits of using dry cartridges: 

  • No Mess
  • No aerosols, harmful solvents, or propellants
  • Silent Running
  • Large Selection of Fragrances
  • Essential Oils - Aromatherapy
  • Cartridges NOT Compatible With The Dual or Solo


To get the best use of this effective machine, you will need to replace the fragrance cartridges every 30 days depending on the setting you put it on.

Depending on the situation and the fragrance needs, and the size of the room, it may vary whether 3 or 6 cartridges would work best. (Enquire at

To order Stealth Cartridges, please choose from the Stealth Refill page.


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    The best fragrance machine for your comercial needs

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